Bodysattva Healing Arts Center
Serving the Conejo Valley since 1993


Since our inception in 1993, it has  been our vision to create a healing arts center that is the catalyst for generating a better quality of life for our clients through education,  movement and various therapeutic disciplines in order to produce deep  healing, greater awareness and knowledge of the body.

About Bodysattva

Bodysattva  is a place where you can slow down  enough to listen to your body, acquire self-awareness techniques and  experience healing modalities to bring about a deep level of relaxation, balanced body-mind integration and healing.
The term ‘Bodysattva’ was born out of this vision and, translated loosely from Sanskrit, pairs ‘body’ (bod-ee) with ‘sattva’ (sahtvah) or ‘awareness.’

Sattva is a state of mind in which the mind is steady, calm and peaceful.

Sattva may be defined as pure existence, awareness, being, truth, intelligence, virtue, goodness, joy or simply put, the desire to practice and deepen the connection to and access our closest resource, our own body’s wisdom.

1414 East Thousand Oaks Blvd #211, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362, United States
(805) 497-0300
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